MaeVona Fashion Jewelry of the Week!

SULIS Goddess Ring by MaeVonaHi guys, it’s a rainy day here in Manhattan,  so we are celebrating Maeve’s own personal favorite fashion ring – our Goddess Ring SULIS, named after the Celtic Goddess of Spring Water!

As with all our Goddess Rings, Maeve uses the story of each Celtic Goddess as inspiration in her design. Here’s the story behind SULIS and the water theme / reflective / water droplet elements that are so beautifully incorporated…

Sulis-Minerva was a local goddess of the Roman baths at Bath, England. She was the hybrid of the Roman goddess of healing, wisdom, and bearer of life Minerva, and the Celtic goddess Sul – which is translated as ‘sun’, or ‘opening.’ It was believed she was the interface between our world and the gods – from which hot, cleansing and healing water emerged. In addition, Bath is one of Britain’s largest votive sites, where 12,000 Roman coins were found in the baths, offered to the goddess for good fortune.

Every Ring Needs a Matching Band!

ROUSAY engagement ring and matching pave band

You guys all asked and we listened. Here is the new matching band to fit our  ring of the week, Rousay.  These custom fitted wedding bands – available plain or pave set with diamonds, are available for most of our engagement rings. Just ask!

Hot Ring of the Week: Rousay


Our Rousay engagement ring is really in demand right now – we can’t make it fast enough.

Maeve loves to surprise people who haven’t seen Rousay before, saying – “You’ve never seen a four-prong setting like this before!”, and most reply, “No I haven’t! Wow!”

And it really is that unusual, showcasing a round brilliant-cut diamond perfectly, with three prongs on one side and just one on the other. From some angles it looks like a flower bud, from others it looks like branches of a tree: a totally natural beauty.

You have to see this ring in person!

How To Clean And Care For Your Ring


Congratulations on receiving your MaeVona ring! One of the questions we get asked often is how to clean and care for your ring. So here you go!

With simple care your ring will remain a cherished heirloom that will be treasured for many years to come. Here are some useful tips that will help keep your MaeVona ring as sparkly as the day you received it:

  • Treat your ring to a visit to your professional jeweler at least once a year. Not only will your jeweler ensure that your stone is secure, he or she can polish and cleanse your ring to bring out the ultimate shine.
  • Between jeweler visits you can clean your ring with products you probably already have in your home. Any non-abrasive cleanser such as dish washing soap and warm water should do the trick for gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. Some gemstones require additional care so talk with your jeweler before cleaning color gemstones at home (such as emeralds, pearls and opals).
  • For diamond jewelry, you can make your own cleaning solution with ammonia and water (mix 6 parts water and 1 part ammonia) and apply with a gentle, soft brush.
  • Treat your ring as you would a work of art because it is! Avoid wearing your ring (and all jewelry) during rigorous activity such as exercising, rock climbing, bowling, etc. Although diamonds are extremely hard, they are not impervious to chipping or breaking.
  • Lastly and most importantly, enjoy your MaeVona treasure and wear it often!