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SULIS Goddess Ring by MaeVonaHi guys, it’s a rainy day here in Manhattan,  so we are celebrating Maeve’s own personal favorite fashion ring – our Goddess Ring SULIS, named after the Celtic Goddess of Spring Water!

As with all our Goddess Rings, Maeve uses the story of each Celtic Goddess as inspiration in her design. Here’s the story behind SULIS and the water theme / reflective / water droplet elements that are so beautifully incorporated…

Sulis-Minerva was a local goddess of the Roman baths at Bath, England. She was the hybrid of the Roman goddess of healing, wisdom, and bearer of life Minerva, and the Celtic goddess Sul – which is translated as ‘sun’, or ‘opening.’ It was believed she was the interface between our world and the gods – from which hot, cleansing and healing water emerged. In addition, Bath is one of Britain’s largest votive sites, where 12,000 Roman coins were found in the baths, offered to the goddess for good fortune.

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  1. Dawn Smyth

    I saw this at Michael Fina’s and fell in love with it. I’ve also been to Bath England and I think Maev captured the essence of that area as she has with all her designs. My daugter Siobhan just got engaged with the Erisay setting. I loved the swan neck setting (swans mate for life) and the leaves that hold that symbol together. The diamond represents eternity so the whole ring embraces the committment for life. Just beautiful. Thank you Maeve….Maeve in Irish lore was the Queen of Connaght…This Maeve is the Queen Maeve of Metals!!!! Well done!

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