Wildflowers in bloom!

Scottish Wildfower engagement rings

The weather here in NYC has been unbelievably mild this week…which must be why our Scottish Wildflower rings are popping up everywhere!

We just love this traditional cluster style, but with beautiful fresh floral-style details and leaf-shape prongs as Maeve’s unique design touches.

These rings look totally awesome worn alone, or next to a pave wedding band.

A flower on your finger that will never fade!

View the Scottish Wildflowers collection here.

Twist and Shout!

MaeVona engagement rings

Here at MaeVona you can be sure that all our designs have a style ‘twist’ that makes them special.

But what about the classic ‘twist’ engagement ring style itself?

Maeve loves this style tradition and has reinvented it with true MaeVona originality here – (Left to Right) POPPY, SOAY, SEIL, FERN and ROCKROSE.

Each one is so feminine, yet so different from the next – don’t you just love them?!

And of course, each comes with a matching dedicated wedding band, with or without pave diamonds for that added sparkle.

No question – these are Twists that Shout!

One band or two?!

POPPY wedding ring set

One wedding band may be traditional, but at MaeVona our three ring sets are very popular. They just look so stunning and unique!

Here is one of our favorites – POPPY engagement ring from the Scottish Wildflower collection, with a pave diamond band on each side. The bands really highlight the beautiful flowing curves of this design.

Yes we’ll take two please!!!

New Year resolution!

Meadowsweet engagement ring with Cara bands

2012 is here!!! Our New Year resolution is to keep creating unique and beautiful designs that bring joy to our customers!

We start as we mean to continue here with our stunning MEADOWSWEET engagement ring from the Scottish Wildflowers collection, offset by two gorgeous CARA wedding bands. The engagement ring features an elegant trefoil of accent diamonds, and the wedding bands reveal our inspiration from Nature – they look as if they could almost be growing!

Here’s to a great New Year for all our family, friends and fans, from Team MaeVona x