Mix it up, MaeVona-style

EORSA engagement rings by MaeVona

Emerald-cut, oval, princess-cut or round? EORSA looks great, whichever way it’s found!

There’s something really special about EORSA. It is such a simple design, yet looks so elegant from every angle. Whichever stone shape you choose, the diamond is low-set, so it’s a great choice for MaeVona girls with active lifestyles.

And look at that side-set emerald cut! We think it’s quite the prettiest side-set emerald-cut engagement ring we have seen. The tiny pave diamonds on the shoulders and side are the final finishing touch, adding just the right amount of sparkle.

The prongs on every shape of EORSA really protect the stone without over-balancing it, and the side view reveals the culet (tip) of the stone beautifully, without any chunky metalwork covering it up.

Refreshing, gorgeous and perfectly built to last a lifetime. Yup, sounds like MaeVona!

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