The History of ERISKAY engagement ring

MaeVona ERISKAY engagement rings

We are SO excited about all our new designs just being added to the website now. You might have seen previews on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram…and we will be featuring them all in detail here, with Maeve giving us insider details into how she created each design. Today is our stunning new Eriskay/pave – available in two versions, with pave ‘wings’ or a pave shank. Maeve says:

“Our iconic ERISKAY engagement ring is known everywhere as ‘THE MAEVONA RING’. Still our most popular design, we wanted to offer some alternatives with a little added diamond sparkle on the ‘wings’ or shank, and also make available all different center stone shapes that we often get requests for, like marquise and princess-cut.

Look closely at the heart-shaped ‘wings’ that define ERISKAY’s look – I think they are still as fresh and timeless as the day I created them, which makes me really happy as I believe this is a sign of a true classic design that will stand the test of time and never go out of style.

ERISKAY was actually the first ever ring I designed when I founded MaeVona back in 2004. I was so thrilled with the original ERISKAY that we referred to it as “my precious“, inspired by the ‘One Ring’ in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that also debuted at this time! ERISKAY said everything about my company that I wanted to offer to our customers – design innovation, genuine Celtic heritage look and feel, beautiful curving lines, gorgeous on the hand from every angle, while also practical – and a miniature work of art, available in unique color combinations that each customer could order to make their ring special to them.  These goals are still in my head today every time I create a new collection!”

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