Beauty from the island of Westray

WESTRAY engagement rings by MaeVona in Platinum with rose gold tops

WESTRAY engagement rings by MaeVona, in Platinum with rose gold settings

We often feel one view of our engagement rings and wedding rings just doesn’t do them justice. When we create them, our first goal is to make sure the rings look and feel good from every angle.

Maeve Gillies’s signature Celtic-inspired style comes across in every view, with beautiful flowing elegant lines and hidden details that make the ring even more breathtaking. A perfect example is our WESTRAY engagement ring, shown here in beautiful Platinum with a rose gold setting. The way the setting and shank flow together is our trademark, coming from Maeve’s heritage as a bench trained jeweler who understands how to create, cast, polish and set everything she designs. No line or edge is overlooked! The shank curls up around the finger and seamlessly flows into the setting, which hugs the diamond with delicate, leaf-like stems that ‘kiss’ in the middle of the finger.

We truly feel the WESTRAY engagement ring (named after the idyllic Westray isle in the Orkney islands off the northernmost tip of Scotland) is one of the most beautiful rings we have ever seen. It is just gorgeously modern as well as timelessly classic, and the two-tone colorway sets it apart even more. It is low set and practical, and the delicate flat-top prongs maximise the center stone.

This is why we always recommend to view our engagement rings in person, to fully appreciate what makes them unique, to enjoy the Celtic inspired details and to choose the perfect ring to enhance your center diamond or gemstone, as well as your lifestyle.

Our engagement rings are keepers – MaeVona is for life!

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