POPPY is blooming gorgeous!

POPPY engagement ring by MaeVona set with a gemstone center

POPPY engagement ring by MaeVona set with a gemstone center


This little beauty popped in to be fitted for a matching wedding band today, and we’re all admiring its perfect Spring color.

Isn’t the POPPY engagement ring beautiful with a color center? We love how it shows the pear shape side diamonds even more clearly, and the elegant Celtic-inspired flow of metal around the center stone, like two hands gently cupping a ball of color.

If a knockout engagement ring can be a supermodel, we think this is it!

If you love the POPPY design, do check out the rest of our Scottish Wildflowers collection – other beautiful twisting styles offering this one of a kind look (like ROCKROSE or FERN) can be customized with a color center or even color side diamonds. Choose from Platinum or 18K yellow, rose or white gold, or even our beautiful new green gold, perfect for nature-inspired floral designs!

Which flower would you pick for your MaeVona engagement ring?!

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