100K Facebook Milestone!


Today we are celebrating reaching 100K likes on Facebook. It’s a huge milestone for us, and we are grateful to each and every one of our fans for making us what we are today.

We launched MaeVona with the intention of becoming known as the most sought after, hottest bridal brand in America – no small feat for a previously unknown company, which began as the dream of Maeve Gillies, a young artist growing up in the beautiful country of Scotland, 3000 miles away. Since launch in 2005 in New York City, MaeVona has truly become known as a ‘Bridal Innovator’,  for our unique, fresh and feminine bridal designs, with exquisite attention to detail. Our Celtic inspired engagement and wedding rings are owned, cherished, loved and appreciated by thousands of couples across America, Canada, the UK and Australia.

We are very proud that our customers chose MaeVona to represent their love and union. We are also thrilled what MaeVona continues to grow, and is now one of the most requested bridal brands across America, and hotter than ever. Celtic World Domination awaits! 100K Likes on Facebook for MaeVona

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