Fly an Island Kite!

GAIRSAY engagement ring by MaeVona

GAIRSAY engagement ring by MaeVona

Thanks to MaeVona customer Becca Ann for sharing her beautiful GAIRSAY engagement ring from our Scottish Islands Collection on our Facebook this morning, featuring her fiance’s heirloom center diamond with kite shape side stones.

There is so much to admire about Becca Ann’s ring –  it is pretty, modern, delicate, floral and sentimental – so much love and beauty in one ring.

That’s why we adore creating MaeVona unique engagement rings – no two are the same, and each one means so much to the couple who choose it. Every engagement ring becomes a piece of family history, whose story grows every day you wear it. It goes everywhere you go, it sees everything you see, it documents your life and family together, it represents your relationship and love for each other.

Something so small comes to mean so much, and we are honored to play a part in our customers’ life stories.

Check out our newest Bridal Collections in our Bridal Lookbook today – which design speaks to you most about your past, present and future? Let us know! xox

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