Whisky on the Rocks!


Last night we held an amazing event with our exclusive Manhattan retailer Michael C Fina, featuring a sneak preview of our latest bridal designs, and a special tasting of rare Scotch, courtesy of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Twenty lucky guests had the opportunity to try unique and rare single malt, single cask whisky that is only available to members of the Society, while admiring our brand new styles.

The guests ranged from whisky lovers to avid MaeVona fans and ring owners, who jumped at the rare opportunity to meet the designer of their rings, Maeve Gillies in person. The elegant new engagement rings in beautiful colors of rose gold and green gold with yellow and pink diamonds blended perfectly with the aged whisky the society had to offer. Everyone was excited to be able to see more than 50 NEW designs!

Stay tuned for more events like this in the future!

Michael C Fina


Dear Instagram lovers, we are sorry we took so long to join you. And yes, you were right, Instagram is perfect for MaeVona’s unique styles and gorgeous imagery. We care about how our pictures look, and so do you. We love sharing unique insights and behind the scenes stories, as do you. We can tell it’s going to be a long and beautiful relationship! Follow us now for upcoming contests and many other Insta-treats like this close-up feature of our gorgeous new PAISLEY pave engagement ring in tri-color green, rose and white 18K gold. Yours truly, @MaeVona :)



The History of ERISKAY engagement ring

MaeVona ERISKAY engagement rings

We are SO excited about all our new designs just being added to the website now. You might have seen previews on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram…and we will be featuring them all in detail here, with Maeve giving us insider details into how she created each design. Today is our stunning new Eriskay/pave – available in two versions, with pave ‘wings’ or a pave shank. Maeve says:

“Our iconic ERISKAY engagement ring is known everywhere as ‘THE MAEVONA RING’. Still our most popular design, we wanted to offer some alternatives with a little added diamond sparkle on the ‘wings’ or shank, and also make available all different center stone shapes that we often get requests for, like marquise and princess-cut.

Look closely at the heart-shaped ‘wings’ that define ERISKAY’s look – I think they are still as fresh and timeless as the day I created them, which makes me really happy as I believe this is a sign of a true classic design that will stand the test of time and never go out of style.

ERISKAY was actually the first ever ring I designed when I founded MaeVona back in 2004. I was so thrilled with the original ERISKAY that we referred to it as “my precious“, inspired by the ‘One Ring’ in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that also debuted at this time! ERISKAY said everything about my company that I wanted to offer to our customers – design innovation, genuine Celtic heritage look and feel, beautiful curving lines, gorgeous on the hand from every angle, while also practical – and a miniature work of art, available in unique color combinations that each customer could order to make their ring special to them.  These goals are still in my head today every time I create a new collection!”

Classic yet modern…

One of the comments we often hear about MaeVona is that our designs manage to be classic AND modern at the same time. Which is great, as you know you will be purchasing something that doesn’t date and will stand the test of time.

Maeve always tries to design unique engagement rings, but for real people and everyday wear. Here is our beautiful Westray with the stunning new Dundee band. Just enough classic, with a twist of modern.

MaeVona WESTRAY engagement ring with DUNDEE wedding band

MaeVona WESTRAY engagement ring with DUNDEE wedding band

We love it! So distinctive and also understated. We don’t think we’d ever get tired of wearing a set like this.

April sunshine!

MaeVona engagement rings in pink gold

Happy April everyone! We are basking in the Spring sunshine today, and there is only one thing to wear – MaeVona rose gold!

Loving all-rose and rose accents on our engagement rings (top to bottom) GAIRSAY, HEATHER, CAVA/PAVE, RONA and PRIMROSE.

How fresh and unique does it look?! We think the rose looks awesome in the sunshine, on any skin tone, and really makes the diamonds ‘pop’. Try it today and let us know what you think!

Happy new year from MaeVona!

SCOTASAY engagement ring and HARRIS wedding band by MaeVona

To all our beloved MaeVona fans, Happy New Year! xxx

We are rocking in to 2013 already and so excited for the year ahead. Stay tuned for awesome new designs as well as a whole new website coming soon!

Meanwhile stand out from the crowd with our SCOTASAY engagement ring in Platinum, set with a lush green tourmaline, paired with a Platinum HARRIS wedding band with pave diamond accents.


Have a GALA Holiday!

GALA drop earrings by MaeVona

To all our awesome fans, thank you so much for your support in 2012! Helping you guys find the jewelry of your dreams is really the best job we could imagine.

We can’t wait to share our exciting new Spring collections with you, starting very soon, as well as a brand new website launching in late January! It’s going to be a bumper year.

Meanwhile have a wonderful, relaxing and joyful Holiday.

Love from MaeVona x

Flower garden for the finger…

MEADOWSWEET and CARA rings by MaeVona

We love how different wedding bands can make an engagement ring or wedding set look special. We have several wedding band options that fit with many of our engagement rings for a totally unique look.

Here we matched our gorgeous MEADOWSWEET engagement ring with the awesome floral-inspired CARA wedding bands, which have a slight asymmetric twist and add a whole fresh look to the set.

A flower garden for your finger!

Frosty winter colors…

MaeVona ROSA pendant in rose gold with diamonds

How delicious is this ROSA pendant in rose gold with these lovely frosty winter colors?

We all adore the ROSA pendant here … did you know it comes in three sizes – medium and large, as well as the adorable baby size shown here?

This is about the size of a dime and comes complete with 0.12tcw diamonds, the perfect size for everyday wear.

Definitely on our wishlist!

MaeVona Ice Rocks!

MaeVona engagement rings

We love snow here at MaeVona.

And doesn’t it make white gold, platinum and diamonds look even more sparkly and spectacular?!

‘On ice’ today are some of our customers’ favorites (top to bottom): VALLAY, WESTRAY/pave, RORA/pave, FERN and TORSA.

“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”