“Oh, to see ourselves as others see us!”

TEXA engagement ring by MaeVona

TEXA engagement ring by MaeVona, as seen by Independent Jewellers

Y’know, our customers are so blooming creative! We just make the jewels around here, our fans are the ones who bring them to life.

We love to see our customers’ posts featuring our pieces. A wonderful saying you hear in Scotland is “oh, to see ourselves as others see us”… it’s a great description of what we often don’t see – our world through someone else’s eyes.

Here are a few examples, from our friends at Colonial Jewelers in Maryland, and from one of our customers on Instagram who often posts great fun ring selfies. We often worry about how to photograph our rings to do them justice, as they always look so much better in real life…but these images are not only fun and fresh, they are Art, don’t you agree?!

If you like these and want to see more, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we post them as we get them.

Keep them coming everyone, we love it! xox

ERISKAY engagement ring by MaeVona, as seen by @beerpirate on Instagram

SANDAY wedding ring set by MaeVona, as seen by Colonial Jewelers

PAISLEY engagement ring and NOSS wedding band by MaeVona, as seen by Colonial Jewelers

EORSA engagement ring by MaeVona

EORSA engagement ring by MaeVona, as seen by Harold Stevens Jewelers

Calling all MaeVona lovebirds!

Calling all MaeVona lovebirds!

Did you get engaged with a MaeVona ring? Have a proposal photo or pic of your ring? Share it with us for a chance to win this beautiful silver and diamond MaeVona pendant!

Just tag your photo #maevonalovebirds and post it on our Facebook wall, your Instagram or Twitter.

From all entries posted on or before July 31, the lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced on August 1st.

So don’t delay and enter today, using hashtag #maevonalovebirds. We can’t wait to see what you post!

Our first entry is from Mr and (future) Mrs. Osterberg from Minneapolis, MN, sharing their big proposal in Paris outside the legendary Notre Dame cathedral, along with their gorgeous ERISKAY engagement ring in front of the Eiffel tower. Congratulations guys! We love these photos and you are automatically entered into the #maevonalovebirds competition!

MaeVona LAURISTON/SQ silver and diamond pendant

Congratulations Mrs Westray!

Sharon Keefe's WESTRAY ring by MaeVona

Sharon Keefe’s WESTRAY engagement ring by MaeVona

It’s not everyday we hear from our customers that they have been proposed to with a MaeVona engagement ring named after their future husband!

Sharon Keefe in the UK shared her amazing proposal story with us on our Facebook today:

“My fiance Ian Westray drove me to Edinburgh (Scotland) – about 150 miles away after being on nightshift – to buy my WESTRAY ring. We went to (Daniel Henderson Jewellers) the only shop in the UK that sells MaeVona…my fiance wanted me to have the ring that is the same as his surname. Can’t wait to get the matching band!”

Sharon – we think this is just about as romantic and special a proposal as a lucky girl can get. We love your MaeVona engagement ring, your story and your name of course!

Now you must (if you did not already!) take a trip to the beautiful Scottish island of Westray itself…and let us know if there is a connection to your future husband’s lineage.

Congratulations again from everyone at MaeVona! We love that there is such meaning to your engagement ring and its Celtic history.

WESTRAY, Orkney, Scotland

WESTRAY, Orkney, Scotland

WESTRAY engagement rings in Platinum with rose gold tops

WESTRAY engagement rings by MaeVona



Fly an Island Kite!

GAIRSAY engagement ring by MaeVona

GAIRSAY engagement ring by MaeVona

Thanks to MaeVona customer Becca Ann for sharing her beautiful GAIRSAY engagement ring from our Scottish Islands Collection on our Facebook this morning, featuring her fiance’s heirloom center diamond with kite shape side stones.

There is so much to admire about Becca Ann’s ring –  it is pretty, modern, delicate, floral and sentimental – so much love and beauty in one ring.

That’s why we adore creating MaeVona unique engagement rings – no two are the same, and each one means so much to the couple who choose it. Every engagement ring becomes a piece of family history, whose story grows every day you wear it. It goes everywhere you go, it sees everything you see, it documents your life and family together, it represents your relationship and love for each other.

Something so small comes to mean so much, and we are honored to play a part in our customers’ life stories.

Check out our newest Bridal Collections in our Bridal Lookbook today – which design speaks to you most about your past, present and future? Let us know! xox

From Jura with Love

There is nothing better than receiving happy testimonials from delighted customers who have fallen in love with what we do.

This week we received a beautiful note from customer Shelby, along with this stunning photo of her custom JURA engagement ring set with a gorgeous heart-shaped diamond. Shelby had visited the spectacular island of Jura in Scotland due to her family heritage, and owning her MaeVona JURA engagement ring is her constant reminder of what is important and dear to her. Thanks for sharing Shelby, we love this story!…

Custom JURA engagement ring with heart shaped center by MaeVona

Custom JURA engagement ring with heart shaped center by MaeVona

“Our family visits to the Inner Hebridean islands of Islay and Jura captivated our souls. This MaeVona ring captures my heart. Whether you love Scottish Islands, Flowers, or Cities, there is a unique selection just for you. I was looking for a “Celtic Style” ring. With MaeVona, I found Scotland.

Your jewelry is incredible. It’s not just Celtic-inspired: It is Scottish. Your designs are tradition and history wrapped in Scottish beauty. I’m CERTAIN there’s something for everyone who loves anything Scottish. My family is Scottish (father’s side: Sutherland) and that’s why I was looking for a jewelry style that reflected our heritage. Thank you for your brilliance and creativity. I love the new fashion jewelry collection and hope to own a piece or two in the future.”

Sincerely, Shelby Sutherland-Aultman


We’re sure this wonderful personal story will resonate with many of you. Do you love your MaeVona engagement ring due to your Celtic heritage? Did you customize your MaeVona to fit a unique center shape? Send us a note, post on our Facebook or Instagram, or Tweet at us saying why you love your MaeVona ring and what made you choose that particular style. It is a privelege and honor to make something so sentimental that it touches your life and stays with you every day xox

Island of JURA, Scotland

Island of JURA, Scotland

JURA engagement rings by MaeVona

JURA engagement rings by MaeVona

POPPY is blooming gorgeous!

POPPY engagement ring by MaeVona set with a gemstone center

POPPY engagement ring by MaeVona set with a gemstone center


This little beauty popped in to be fitted for a matching wedding band today, and we’re all admiring its perfect Spring color.

Isn’t the POPPY engagement ring beautiful with a color center? We love how it shows the pear shape side diamonds even more clearly, and the elegant Celtic-inspired flow of metal around the center stone, like two hands gently cupping a ball of color.

If a knockout engagement ring can be a supermodel, we think this is it!

If you love the POPPY design, do check out the rest of our Scottish Wildflowers collection – other beautiful twisting styles offering this one of a kind look (like ROCKROSE or FERN) can be customized with a color center or even color side diamonds. Choose from Platinum or 18K yellow, rose or white gold, or even our beautiful new green gold, perfect for nature-inspired floral designs!

Which flower would you pick for your MaeVona engagement ring?!

Engagement Ring of the Week : FERN

FERN engagement rings and matching pave diamond bands in rose gold and Platinum by MaeVona

FERN engagement rings and matching diamond bands in rose gold and Platinum by MaeVona

Our Scottish Wildflower Bridal collection is one of our most popular, and the FERN engagement ring – named after the Scottish Fern that grows wild in the hills, valleys and mountains of Scotland – is one of the most beautiful rings in the collection.

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, we often hear our customers ask for something beautifully delicate as well as practical. FERN engagement ring ticks all these boxes. The elegant ‘frond’-like settings on the four graduated side diamonds mimic a real-life Fern in nature, gently cupping each stone like a dew-drop. The added line of pave diamonds on each side accentuate the gentle twist, flowing up and setting the center stone.

On the finger, the Celtic-inspired FERN engagement ring is a subtle, beautifully balanced and practical style, as low-set as a diamond can be, suspended off the finger.

The matching band is set with a beautiful twisting line of diamonds that perfectly matches the shape of the engagement ring. The classic plain FERN engagement ring is also available without pave diamonds, offering a beautifully simple modern look.

We have many customers who are doctors and nurses, who selected FERN engagement ring as the perfect style to fit under a latex glove at work – so we know it is a sensible choice for someone who needs a ring which fits their demanding job and lifestyle, which they do not have to take off.

Shown here in rose gold or Platinum, the FERN can also be custom ordered in one-of-a-kind two-tone color combinations, with the fronds on either side in a second color. Just contact your local MaeVona retailer for more details and pricing. Which colors would you pick?

MaeVona is Platinum FAN FAVORITE!

EDINBURGH engagement ring in Platinum with pink diamond pave by MaeVona

FEBRUARY 2014 FAN FAVORITE – EDINBURGH engagement ring in Platinum with pink diamond pave by MaeVona


There is something so beautiful and incredible about Platinum. It is an exquisite metal, as precious as diamonds themselves. It matches the unique custom styling of MaeVona engagement rings – our Celtic-inspired detailing looks magnificent in this rare and pure metal, perfectly accented with white or color diamond accents.

Did you know that Platinum is a naturally hypo-allergenic metal, and it is 30 times rarer than gold? It is also a denser metal, weighing more than gold – giving a luxurious weight to your engagement ring and giving you confidence it will last a lifetime.

We are proud that two of our bridal designs are so popular in Platinum that they are officially the most-viewed FAN FAVORITE engagement rings on the official Platinum Guild International’s website www.preciousplatinum.com – two months in a row! Our beautiful EDINBURGH with pink diamond pave won for February, and POPPY/PAVE engagement ring won for January.

Aren’t they magical?! Ask to see them in Platinum at your local MaeVona retailer now. xox


POPPY/PAVE engagement ring in Platinum by MaeVona

JANUARY 2014 FAN FAVORITE -POPPY/PAVE engagement ring in Platinum by MaeVona


Beauty from the island of Westray

WESTRAY engagement rings by MaeVona in Platinum with rose gold tops

WESTRAY engagement rings by MaeVona, in Platinum with rose gold settings

We often feel one view of our engagement rings and wedding rings just doesn’t do them justice. When we create them, our first goal is to make sure the rings look and feel good from every angle.

Maeve Gillies’s signature Celtic-inspired style comes across in every view, with beautiful flowing elegant lines and hidden details that make the ring even more breathtaking. A perfect example is our WESTRAY engagement ring, shown here in beautiful Platinum with a rose gold setting. The way the setting and shank flow together is our trademark, coming from Maeve’s heritage as a bench trained jeweler who understands how to create, cast, polish and set everything she designs. No line or edge is overlooked! The shank curls up around the finger and seamlessly flows into the setting, which hugs the diamond with delicate, leaf-like stems that ‘kiss’ in the middle of the finger.

We truly feel the WESTRAY engagement ring (named after the idyllic Westray isle in the Orkney islands off the northernmost tip of Scotland) is one of the most beautiful rings we have ever seen. It is just gorgeously modern as well as timelessly classic, and the two-tone colorway sets it apart even more. It is low set and practical, and the delicate flat-top prongs maximise the center stone.

This is why we always recommend to view our engagement rings in person, to fully appreciate what makes them unique, to enjoy the Celtic inspired details and to choose the perfect ring to enhance your center diamond or gemstone, as well as your lifestyle.

Our engagement rings are keepers – MaeVona is for life!