The History of ERISKAY engagement ring

MaeVona ERISKAY engagement rings

We are SO excited about all our new designs just being added to the website now. You might have seen previews on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram…and we will be featuring them all in detail here, with Maeve giving us insider details into how she created each design. Today is our stunning new Eriskay/pave – available in two versions, with pave ‘wings’ or a pave shank. Maeve says:

“Our iconic ERISKAY engagement ring is known everywhere as ‘THE MAEVONA RING’. Still our most popular design, we wanted to offer some alternatives with a little added diamond sparkle on the ‘wings’ or shank, and also make available all different center stone shapes that we often get requests for, like marquise and princess-cut.

Look closely at the heart-shaped ‘wings’ that define ERISKAY’s look – I think they are still as fresh and timeless as the day I created them, which makes me really happy as I believe this is a sign of a true classic design that will stand the test of time and never go out of style.

ERISKAY was actually the first ever ring I designed when I founded MaeVona back in 2004. I was so thrilled with the original ERISKAY that we referred to it as “my precious“, inspired by the ‘One Ring’ in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that also debuted at this time! ERISKAY said everything about my company that I wanted to offer to our customers – design innovation, genuine Celtic heritage look and feel, beautiful curving lines, gorgeous on the hand from every angle, while also practical – and a miniature work of art, available in unique color combinations that each customer could order to make their ring special to them.  These goals are still in my head today every time I create a new collection!”

Classic yet modern…

One of the comments we often hear about MaeVona is that our designs manage to be classic AND modern at the same time. Which is great, as you know you will be purchasing something that doesn’t date and will stand the test of time.

Maeve always tries to design unique engagement rings, but for real people and everyday wear. Here is our beautiful Westray with the stunning new Dundee band. Just enough classic, with a twist of modern.

MaeVona WESTRAY engagement ring with DUNDEE wedding band

MaeVona WESTRAY engagement ring with DUNDEE wedding band

We love it! So distinctive and also understated. We don’t think we’d ever get tired of wearing a set like this.

April sunshine!

MaeVona engagement rings in pink gold

Happy April everyone! We are basking in the Spring sunshine today, and there is only one thing to wear – MaeVona rose gold!

Loving all-rose and rose accents on our engagement rings (top to bottom) GAIRSAY, HEATHER, CAVA/PAVE, RONA and PRIMROSE.

How fresh and unique does it look?! We think the rose looks awesome in the sunshine, on any skin tone, and really makes the diamonds ‘pop’. Try it today and let us know what you think!

Happy new year from MaeVona!

SCOTASAY engagement ring and HARRIS wedding band by MaeVona

To all our beloved MaeVona fans, Happy New Year! xxx

We are rocking in to 2013 already and so excited for the year ahead. Stay tuned for awesome new designs as well as a whole new website coming soon!

Meanwhile stand out from the crowd with our SCOTASAY engagement ring in Platinum, set with a lush green tourmaline, paired with a Platinum HARRIS wedding band with pave diamond accents.


Flower garden for the finger…

MEADOWSWEET and CARA rings by MaeVona

We love how different wedding bands can make an engagement ring or wedding set look special. We have several wedding band options that fit with many of our engagement rings for a totally unique look.

Here we matched our gorgeous MEADOWSWEET engagement ring with the awesome floral-inspired CARA wedding bands, which have a slight asymmetric twist and add a whole fresh look to the set.

A flower garden for your finger!

MaeVona Ice Rocks!

MaeVona engagement rings

We love snow here at MaeVona.

And doesn’t it make white gold, platinum and diamonds look even more sparkly and spectacular?!

‘On ice’ today are some of our customers’ favorites (top to bottom): VALLAY, WESTRAY/pave, RORA/pave, FERN and TORSA.

“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”


MaeVona engagement rings

We love this time of year. Autumn leaves are changing color all around…it’s a painter’s paradise!

MaeVona fans know how inspired Maeve is by Nature in all her designs. And it doesn’t take much to see the connection – as shown here with some of our leaf-inspired favorites: (top to bottom) IONA/PAVE, RONA, TARANSAY and MEADOWSWEET.

The details of these rings are so exquisite and make each design so individual: tiny diamonds like dew drops, curves, beautifully pierced holes and engraved lines…so much to look at for many years to come. This is just one factor that helps make MaeVona designs timeless.

Take a MaeVona ring into Nature and see how well it fits!

Mix it up, MaeVona-style

EORSA engagement rings by MaeVona

Emerald-cut, oval, princess-cut or round? EORSA looks great, whichever way it’s found!

There’s something really special about EORSA. It is such a simple design, yet looks so elegant from every angle. Whichever stone shape you choose, the diamond is low-set, so it’s a great choice for MaeVona girls with active lifestyles.

And look at that side-set emerald cut! We think it’s quite the prettiest side-set emerald-cut engagement ring we have seen. The tiny pave diamonds on the shoulders and side are the final finishing touch, adding just the right amount of sparkle.

The prongs on every shape of EORSA really protect the stone without over-balancing it, and the side view reveals the culet (tip) of the stone beautifully, without any chunky metalwork covering it up.

Refreshing, gorgeous and perfectly built to last a lifetime. Yup, sounds like MaeVona!

Precision and perfection!

MaeVona CAVA engagement rings

We think our CAVA engagement ring is, quite precisely, perfection.

We have never seen another engagement ring that is so beautifully balanced, elegant and yet still so simple. And we’ve seen a lot of engagement rings!

It’s because CAVA is all about the diamond, but with just enough WOW factor to get you noticed. It looks tension set, yet more delicate than any tension ring could be, and is held securely under the stone by a discreet custom-fitted bezel.

We know we work here and we should feel this way, but we think CAVA is pure genius. Simple!

A PRIM(ROSE) by any other name…

PRIMROSE engagement ring

Wildflower of the week! Yes, it’s very hard to pick just one, but today we are adoring our PRIMROSE engagement ring in Rose gold with Platinum.

The petals, the leaf shapes, the symmetry, the color balance, the tiny diamonds like dew drops on a flower… and we all agree this ring can be an awesome right hand ring, as well as a truly unique engagement ring.

Just so many reasons to love it!