Mix it up, MaeVona-style

Emerald-cut, oval, princess-cut or round? EORSA looks great, whichever way it’s found! There’s something really special about EORSA. It is such a simple design, yet looks so elegant from every angle. Whichever stone shape you choose, the diamond is low-set, so it’s a great choice for MaeVona girls with active lifestyles. And look at that side-set emerald cut! We think it’s quite the prettiest side-set emerald-cut engagement ring we have seen. The tiny pave diamonds on the shoulders and side are the final finishing touch, adding just the right amount of sparkle. The prongs on every shape of EORSA really..

Precision and perfection!

We think our CAVA engagement ring is, quite precisely, perfection. We have never seen another engagement ring that is so beautifully balanced, elegant and yet still so simple. And we’ve seen a lot of engagement rings! It’s because CAVA is all about the diamond, but with just enough WOW factor to get you noticed. It looks tension set, yet more delicate than any tension ring could be, and is held securely under the stone by a discreet custom-fitted bezel. We know we work here and we should feel this way, but we think CAVA is pure genius. Simple!

A PRIM(ROSE) by any other name…

Wildflower of the week! Yes, it’s very hard to pick just one, but today we are adoring our PRIMROSE engagement ring in Rose gold with Platinum. The petals, the leaf shapes, the symmetry, the color balance, the tiny diamonds like dew drops on a flower… and we all agree this ring can be an awesome right hand ring, as well as a truly unique engagement ring. Just so many reasons to love it!

MaeVona…balanced elegance!

Did you know that MaeVona designs can be custom made to fit a wide range of gemstone and diamond cuts? Here are some of our beautiful princess-cut designs, all of which can be modified to take a cushion or Asscher-cut stone. From left to right – EDAY, TAHAY/pave, EORSA, ERISKAY and SCOTASAY. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask if there is a special creation you have in mind. Our craftsmen are off-the-scale awesome and can build your dream ring just the way you want it! Just call 1-888-MAEVONA, +1 212 557 7300 or email for more details.

St Patrick’s Proposal!

No question about it, St Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to propose with a Celtic-inspired MaeVona masterpiece! Here’s our gorgeous TORSA set with a stunning emerald. We think the cut and color of the center stone with the tapered baguette side diamonds is absolutely stunning. Sláinte!

Get Set!

We were delighted to see that one of our favorite movie stars, the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman, is wearing a wedding ring set (created by ballet-dancer / designer Jamie Wolf) featuring two ‘guard’ bands – one wedding band on either side of her engagement ring. This is such a classic look, and when a modern twist is added, it looks really pretty yet timeless. There’s an elegant symmetry to wearing a band on each side, and we’re big fans of this look. Not just because we get to rock a lot more precious metal and diamonds!

Golden glow :)

When we are hand making our rings to special order, we love to see our designs in the different golds and new color combinations that our fans customize with. We recently featured this bestselling ring from the Scottish Wildflower collection – POPPY – in all rose gold, but we don’t see it often in yellow gold. We just love how the color radiates warmth and makes the diamonds pop. You can really see those pear-shape side diamonds doing their twist! This POPPY is for one lucky lady, and may it bring her much happiness for many years to come!

How to pick a favorite?!

One of the perks of being part of the MaeVona team is that we get to try on so many beautiful rings! Here are our favorites today – clockwise from top right: BLUEBELL, EORSA/OVAL SET, PRIMROSE and SCOTASAY/SQUARE SET. We are loving the rose gold paired with Platinum. Happy days!!!

Roses are red…

We’re so excited about Valentine’s Day next week…not long now! How about one of these awesome MaeVona bands? Unique and special, but practical enough to wear every day. They can be worn alone, as a set or in a stack. These are just a few of our favorites – from bottom up: Mull in 18k rose gold Ensay pave in Platinum Rora pave in Platinum Noss in 18k rose gold Mull in 18K white gold Rora pave in 18k rose gold Noss in Platinum Harris pave in Platinum By the way – did you notice that the awesome design of..

MaeVona fans rock!

One of the things we love most about social media is our ability to hear directly from our awesome fans. They tell us what they want, what they like, stories about their MaeVona jewelry, and post special requests. This helps us in so many ways! From this week, here’s a great example of why this connection is so valuable for us – we had a request to pair a popular wedding band set – EDAY – with our top-selling engagement ring, ERISKAY. How had we never put the two together?! We discovered to our delight that this was a match..