Ice Storm!

Weather Warning : Ice Storm arrives in DC! This bling-credible photo comes from our friends at I Gorman Jewelers in Washington DC who have just received all these beautiful new MaeVona styles…one of our Facebook fans said she had ‘frostbite’ just from admiring them! It also started to snow here in NYC right as we posted this…so we better be careful what we wish for!!

Head on down to I Gorman’s gorgeous store and check these rings out in person today. They also carry a beautiful selection of fine European Art jewelry from many unique makers that you don’t find anywhere else in the USA.

Ring finger (top down) – INVERARAY, GAIRSAY, TORSA, BRESSAY; middle finger (top down) – ORONSAY, OBAN, DUNOON, WESTRAY, ARDROSSAN; index finger (top down) – TOBERMORY, IRIS, FAIR ISLE, TEXA, FERN and VAILA.
MaeVona engagement rings

Fancy that!

EDAY engagement ring

We just love fancy shape diamonds here at MaeVona. The challenge of setting them elegantly into a practical ring that will stand the test of time is one we relish! Fancy shape accent diamonds can add so much to an engagement ring, and we particularly love to use them to frame a traditionally shaped center stone. Our beautiful EDAY enagement ring pictured here is a great example, as is GLASGOW (see below) – both feature pear shape, marquise or half moon diamonds to complement and balance the center stone.

Look closely! These are such beautiful diamond rings. Check out how the Celtic-inspired metalwork flows around and accentuates each stone. These engagement rings are truly works of art. Now – assuming you can choose your favorite MaeVona ring, the next question is – which metal do you go with?! Rose gold or white gold, or Platinum? Each color looks so different, we just can’t choose. One of each maybe?!

GLASGOW engagement ring by MaeVona

Emerald diamond heaven!

Can’t quite put my finger on what I love most about emerald cut diamonds…the cut is so modern but also so timeless. There is just something so elegant and beautiful about them. The way the light catches the elongated facets…sigh! They definitely have the X-factor. At MaeVona we have always loved doing something different with this special diamond cut. The Celtic-inspired details in our INVERARAY and WESTRAY engagement rings are just the right balance of delicacy and detail to frame emerald cuts. We love the way they look in all Platinum or white gold, but the rose gold is absolutely breathtaking. The Scottish styling in the woven shank of the INVERARAY (left and right) or the classic swan-neck profile of the WESTRAY (center) has to be seen in person – these Celtic engagement rings are simply so pretty, timeless and completely unique.

MaeVona engagement rings

If you love unusual engagement rings, also check out our EORSA/EMERALD or our KERRERA styles, for something classic with a twist.


Welcome to our Dark Side!

Welcome to our dark side! This beautiful new ad just came out in the May issue of INSTORE magazine. We decided to go with this dark, glamorous black background to make our rose gold, diamonds and Platinum really pop. What do you think?

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of what goes into making just this one image…

MaeVona engagement rings

MaeVona engagement rings

Step one – choose rings that go together stylistically. We chose a mixture of our Celtic-inspired brand new and classic styles, from back to front: OBAN (so new it is not on the website yet!), SKYE/pave, NOSS/pave (also brand new!), RONA/pave and VALLAY. What we love about this mix of styles is how fresh it looks, showing how truly classic our designs are – the perfect balance of modern, unique and timeless. True MaeVona!

Step two – Shoot the rings about a billion times over with an AMAZINGLY talented photographer! Each ring needs shot alone, and next to its neighbors, to ensure that each comes in perfect focus with zero blur. All of these shots are later layered together to give the final layout.

Step three – Maeve designs and draws by hand an original Celtic artwork. This also refers to ancient Celtic art, but is a fresh and modern interpretation. This is then ‘inverted’ from black on white, to white on black, and dropped into the background behind the rings and their shadows, creating a striking unique visual depth and reference to our Celtic heritage.

Do you love this as much as we do?! It takes a lot of work to shoot on black – as you know, most MaeVona rings are shot on white – but we think it is jaw-dropping and worth the effort! Let us know what you think xox

MaeVona engagement rings getting ready for their close up!

MaeVona engagement rings getting ready for their close up!

Celtic artwork by Maeve Gillies for MaeVona

Celtic artwork by Maeve Gillies for MaeVona

MaeVona engagement rings at the photoshoot

MaeVona engagement rings at the photoshoot

MaeVona : UK Jewellery Awards Finalist!

UK Jewellery Awards

MaeVona, UK Watch & Jewellery Awards Finalist!

We are breaking open the (well-stocked) MaeVona Scotch whisky cabinet today, to toast some very exciting news!….

We’re delighted to announce we are a Finalist for Bridal Collection of the Year in the Retail Jeweller UK Watch & Jewellery Awards. These prestigious Awards celebrate the cream of the UK Jewellery Industry, and the winners are announced at a beautiful ceremony in London, July 2. We can’t wait to celebrate with our co-Finalists, all of whom represent excellence, innovation and quality – three qualities we demand in every MaeVona design. Those of you who know your MaeVona heritage will recall that we launched in 2005 specifically as a Bridal Jewelry company – so excellence in Bridal is the true beating heart of our business, and the inspiration behind everything our founder Maeve Gillies creates.

This amazing honor comes at the perfect moment for MaeVona, as we have been overwhelmed by demand for our designs in the UK since 2013. To meet this demand we are exhibiting at IJL (International Jewellery London) for the first time in August – and are focused on growing our authorized UK retailer list in key locations, to make MaeVona as accessible to our UK fans as possible.

Our very first Scottish retailer, Daniel Henderson Jewellers in Edinburgh, summarizes the MaeVona effect:

“We have carried MaeVona since we first opened our doors in 2012. With absolute certainty no other engagement ring collection has brought out as many “ooohs” and “aaahhs” as the MaeVona collection. What we find our customers truly love about Maeve’s designs are the soft flowing curves, the intricate details, the subtle references to the Celtic inspiration, but mostly their uniqueness.  MaeVona’s beautiful designs are unlike anything we have come across. We have made deliveries across the UK and Europe, and as far afield as Shanghai. We even had a couple fly in from Geneva especially to view the collection. We are thrilled to be part of the MaeVona family”

To all our amazing fans in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland…we love you, and here we come! xox

Maeve Gillies, MaeVona founder

Maeve Gillies, MaeVona founder and designer



100K Facebook Milestone!


Today we are celebrating reaching 100K likes on Facebook. It’s a huge milestone for us, and we are grateful to each and every one of our fans for making us what we are today.

We launched MaeVona with the intention of becoming known as the most sought after, hottest bridal brand in America – no small feat for a previously unknown company, which began as the dream of Maeve Gillies, a young artist growing up in the beautiful country of Scotland, 3000 miles away. Since launch in 2005 in New York City, MaeVona has truly become known as a ‘Bridal Innovator’,  for our unique, fresh and feminine bridal designs, with exquisite attention to detail. Our Celtic inspired engagement and wedding rings are owned, cherished, loved and appreciated by thousands of couples across America, Canada, the UK and Australia.

We are very proud that our customers chose MaeVona to represent their love and union. We are also thrilled what MaeVona continues to grow, and is now one of the most requested bridal brands across America, and hotter than ever. Celtic World Domination awaits! 100K Likes on Facebook for MaeVona

MaeVona Bestsellers!

MaeVona has done extremely well with a lot of different rings. Among the bestsellers are the CAVA, SHAPINSAY, CANNA, WESTRAY and BORERAY. These five rings are part of the MaeVona Scottish Islands collection as they are named after different Scottish Islands. They are special because they have a plain solitaire look, yet have exquisite designs that give you value for your money. These unique metal designs are a classic MaeVona look, but we combined these classic styles with the simplicity of solitaries.


What makes these rings stand out is there prong styles. Like many MaeVona rings, the prongs are extremely elegant and very different from a traditional ring. Along with the finishes, which are very different from a normal engagement ring, these rings stand out from the crowd. These elegant rings can also be paired with a diamond band to make them even more exquisite. When paired with diamond bands, these simple solitaires are beautiful and look even better (if that’s possible). If you love solitaires, we guarantee you will love these bestsellers!

Whisky on the Rocks!


Last night we held an amazing event with our exclusive Manhattan retailer Michael C Fina, featuring a sneak preview of our latest bridal designs, and a special tasting of rare Scotch, courtesy of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Twenty lucky guests had the opportunity to try unique and rare single malt, single cask whisky that is only available to members of the Society, while admiring our brand new styles.

The guests ranged from whisky lovers to avid MaeVona fans and ring owners, who jumped at the rare opportunity to meet the designer of their rings, Maeve Gillies in person. The elegant new engagement rings in beautiful colors of rose gold and green gold with yellow and pink diamonds blended perfectly with the aged whisky the society had to offer. Everyone was excited to be able to see more than 50 NEW designs!

Stay tuned for more events like this in the future!

Michael C Fina

Have a GALA Holiday!

GALA drop earrings by MaeVona

To all our awesome fans, thank you so much for your support in 2012! Helping you guys find the jewelry of your dreams is really the best job we could imagine.

We can’t wait to share our exciting new Spring collections with you, starting very soon, as well as a brand new website launching in late January! It’s going to be a bumper year.

Meanwhile have a wonderful, relaxing and joyful Holiday.

Love from MaeVona x

How to pick a favorite?!

MaeVona rings

One of the perks of being part of the MaeVona team is that we get to try on so many beautiful rings! Here are our favorites today – clockwise from top right: BLUEBELL, EORSA/OVAL SET, PRIMROSE and SCOTASAY/SQUARE SET. We are loving the rose gold paired with Platinum.

Happy days!!!