what goes around comes around!

MaeVona ROSA pendant

In ancient Celtic mythology the circle is a very powerful symbol, signifying endless love and life.

Here at MaeVona, Maeve interprets the power of Celtic heritage beautifully in our designs. Our bestselling ROSA pendant is a gorgeous example of a piece that captures the power of this ancient symbol with a modern feel you can wear everyday.

Available in three sizes; this is the medium size. Choose from Platinum, 18K rose, yellow or white gold.

Golden glow :)

POPPY engagement ring in 18K yellow gold

When we are hand making our rings to special order, we love to see our designs in the different golds and new color combinations that our fans customize with.

We recently featured this bestselling ring from the Scottish Wildflower collection – POPPY – in all rose gold, but we don’t see it often in yellow gold.

We just love how the color radiates warmth and makes the diamonds pop. You can really see those pear-shape side diamonds doing their twist!

This POPPY is for one lucky lady, and may it bring her much happiness for many years to come!

How to pick a favorite?!

MaeVona rings

One of the perks of being part of the MaeVona team is that we get to try on so many beautiful rings! Here are our favorites today – clockwise from top right: BLUEBELL, EORSA/OVAL SET, PRIMROSE and SCOTASAY/SQUARE SET. We are loving the rose gold paired with Platinum.

Happy days!!!

Roses are red…

MaeVona wedding rings

We’re so excited about Valentine’s Day next week…not long now!

How about one of these awesome MaeVona bands?

Unique and special, but practical enough to wear every day. They can be worn alone, as a set or in a stack.

These are just a few of our favorites – from bottom up:
Mull in 18k rose gold
Ensay pave in Platinum
Rora pave in Platinum
Noss in 18k rose gold
Mull in 18K white gold
Rora pave in 18k rose gold
Noss in Platinum
Harris pave in Platinum

By the way – did you notice that the awesome design of Noss is actually the MaeVona logo, repeated around the finger, as a pattern?!

MaeVona fans rock!

ERISKAY with EDAY bandsEDAY wedding ring set

One of the things we love most about social media is our ability to hear directly from our awesome fans. They tell us what they want, what they like, stories about their MaeVona jewelry, and post special requests. This helps us in so many ways!

From this week, here’s a great example of why this connection is so valuable for us – we had a request to pair a popular wedding band set – EDAY – with our top-selling engagement ring, ERISKAY. How had we never put the two together?! We discovered to our delight that this was a match made in heaven!

We also had a request to show the full and original EDAY set itself. How much fun to see these two designs together – each is so unique, but both look great with these bands. Who would’ve thought?!

So that is reason #1 in a million of why we love our fans. We’ll keep working to bring everyone exactly what they want, when they want it!

Wildflowers in bloom!

Scottish Wildfower engagement rings

The weather here in NYC has been unbelievably mild this week…which must be why our Scottish Wildflower rings are popping up everywhere!

We just love this traditional cluster style, but with beautiful fresh floral-style details and leaf-shape prongs as Maeve’s unique design touches.

These rings look totally awesome worn alone, or next to a pave wedding band.

A flower on your finger that will never fade!

View the Scottish Wildflowers collection here.

Twist and Shout!

MaeVona engagement rings

Here at MaeVona you can be sure that all our designs have a style ‘twist’ that makes them special.

But what about the classic ‘twist’ engagement ring style itself?

Maeve loves this style tradition and has reinvented it with true MaeVona originality here – (Left to Right) POPPY, SOAY, SEIL, FERN and ROCKROSE.

Each one is so feminine, yet so different from the next – don’t you just love them?!

And of course, each comes with a matching dedicated wedding band, with or without pave diamonds for that added sparkle.

No question – these are Twists that Shout!

One band or two?!

POPPY wedding ring set

One wedding band may be traditional, but at MaeVona our three ring sets are very popular. They just look so stunning and unique!

Here is one of our favorites – POPPY engagement ring from the Scottish Wildflower collection, with a pave diamond band on each side. The bands really highlight the beautiful flowing curves of this design.

Yes we’ll take two please!!!

New Year resolution!

Meadowsweet engagement ring with Cara bands

2012 is here!!! Our New Year resolution is to keep creating unique and beautiful designs that bring joy to our customers!

We start as we mean to continue here with our stunning MEADOWSWEET engagement ring from the Scottish Wildflowers collection, offset by two gorgeous CARA wedding bands. The engagement ring features an elegant trefoil of accent diamonds, and the wedding bands reveal our inspiration from Nature – they look as if they could almost be growing!

Here’s to a great New Year for all our family, friends and fans, from Team MaeVona x