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Celtic Engagement Rings Series: The Scottish Islands

At MaeVona, the country of Scotland inspires our collection of stunning, cultured, unique engagement rings. The designer behind our beautiful jewelry, Maeve Gillies, grew up in Edinburgh and took much of what she remembers growing up by using it as inspiration for her Celtic engagement rings. The three things in Scotland that inspired Maeve include the Scottish Wildflowers, Scottish Towns, and Scottish Islands. Specifically, the Scottish Islands inspire such designs like our best-selling Eriskay, Cava, Fair Isle, and many more.

The Scottish Islands History

The country of Scotland’s mainland is a great part of the bigger island called Great Britain. However, there are over 700 islands that are off of Scotland’s mainland, which are also categorized by four larger groups: Inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Shetland, and Orkney. For our Celtic engagement rings at MaeVona, there are a certain few islands that helped to create these unique and culturally-rich rings. Many of these charming, small Scottish islands are places that Maeve spent time at during her childhood. Named after these sentimental islands, our Celtic engagement rings reflect certain features of these places, as well as an elegant design to mirror what a fond memory they hold.


The Eriskay Ring, for example, Maeve designed after a small island in the Outer Hebrides. This striking but simple Rose Gold engagement ring features Platinum accents. Within our selection of Celtic engagement rings, the Eriskay Ring is one of the more delicate and small settings, however it is reflective of the island itself. Eriskay the island is covered in beautiful, rocky beaches as well as blue, white-tipped waves, making the island quaint, small, and scenic.


Similar to the Eriskay Ring, the Oronsay Ring is modeled after a tiny, quiet island. The island of Oronsay is nestled into the Inner Hebrides, which is a linking island to the larger, sister island, Colonsay. The tides on the beaches of this island are known for being low, quiet, and calm. This is also reflective within Maeve’s design of the Oronsay Ring: smaller, more accented diamonds carefully placed along the band, while the larger, more jaw-dropping diamond takes center stage. This stunning ring stands out among the crowd and always is one of our best-selling Celtic engagement rings.