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Celtic Inspired Engagement Rings for Any Woman

If there’s one thing we love at MaeVona, it’s the way the Celtic culture infuses into our luxurious ring designs. If you’re searching for the ideal engagement ring to give to your soon-to-be wife, our selection of Celtic-inspired engagement rings has something for every woman. By giving her one of these rings, you’re not only purchasing dazzling jewelry, but you’re also able to give her a one of a kind, uniquely shaped, detailed engagement ring. Not sure where to start looking? MaeVona can help you find the perfect engagement ring for the special woman in your life.

Finding the Ideal Metal

When shopping for an engagement ring, you want to find a metal that is consistent with your lady’s style. If she wears more yellow gold, going with one of our Celtic-inspired engagement rings in white gold ring may not be the best option. Pay attention to what type of metal her earrings are, what kind of watch she wears, or what types of rings she wears. Many of our Celtic-inspired engagement rings come in at least two different metals, so you have plenty of options when it comes to searching for the ideal ring to go on her left hand.

Finding the Cut

The setting of the ring is extremely important, however, finding the right ring and diamond cut is a key factor as well. Many women dream of the day that their sweetheart bends down to pop that glorious question. Asking or finding out which cut of diamond is essential since every woman’s taste and finger size is the same. You also want a cut of diamond that accentuates her hands, draws attention to the ring, and makes her feel comfortable. Choosing a ring that’s too round or too large may make her feel like she can’t show off the ring in public for fear that it looks awkward on her hand, or may snag against something. Our Celtic-inspired engagement rings not only have a vast selection diamond shapes, but they’re unique, beautifully detailed, and designed with a stylish flare in mind.

So before you’re looking to pop the question, make sure your bride-to-be’s tastes are kept in the back of your mind when choosing one of our Celtic-inspired engagement rings. The metal of the setting, cut of the diamond, and design of the ring itself should come together to help create the most magical, special, and intimate moment of your lives together.