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Finding the Perfect Ring: Is a Delicate Engagement Ring Right for Your Hand?

Every girl dreams of the moment when the love of their life gets down on one knee, only to propose with the most beautiful, dazzling engagement ring they have ever seen. Of course every girl probably has a design for an engagement ring in mind, whether it’s a delicate engagement ring that’s simple or a large ring with a lot going on, but unsure of how it will look on their hand. At MaeVona, we want you to be able to have the ring of your dreams and have it fit your hand perfectly. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide on how to pick the best ring for your hand, so you can have the proposal that you have always hoped that you would.

Picking the Right Band

When you head out to go ring shopping, there are a few things to consider before you do. First, if you have not had your left finger sized in two years, go ahead and do so at your local jewelry store. Knowing what size ring you need could be a larger piece of the puzzle than you think, especially if you’re looking to get a ring custom made. Next, look at the size of your hand itself: is it small? Is it wide or long? Does it look like it could fit a delicate engagement ring or a larger, more detailed ring on your finger? The width of the band itself could have a large impact on your design for many reasons, but mainly you want a band that will cradle the stone and have enough leverage so it does not catch on things, risking the breaking of the ring.

Picking the Right Stone

Consider actual size of your hand and visual a ring on your left finger. Usually, shorter hands with shorter fingers look better with an oval shaped diamond and thin band. This makes the hand look longer and does not shorten the hand any more than it is. If you have smaller hands with long fingers a delicate engagement ring, such as a round stone with a thicker band, is a wise choice. Usually, longer hands look best with a more delicate engagement ring, but can also get away with a larger center stone. However, smaller hands usually look best with a ring that’s proportionate to its size. For example, a princess cut stone usually does not look good on a short hand because it makes it look smaller.

No matter what kind of engagement ring you may decide on, whether it’s a delicate engagement ring with floral accents or a princess cut engagement ring with a full diamond band, try to remember that it’s yours forever. The perfect engagement ring depends on you, your future husband, and what you find to complete your special day.