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Free Diamond Upgrade

We understand that when our customers are ready to get engaged, they do not always have the budget they might like to spend at that time. Weddings, moving homes, children and more of life's big costs can add up and often happen at the same time as engagement rings. We see it as our duty to offer our customers three things:


  • 1. The best priced diamonds - both GIA-certified mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds
  • 2. Alternatives to diamonds for those who find diamonds out of their budget altogether
  • 3. Free diamond upgrades AT ANY TIME in the future. What this means, is exactly what it says. If you want to upgrade to a diamond that is just $1 more than your first diamond, we will gladly accept your diamond back and help you upgrade your setting with a new diamond. There is no limit to the number of times you can upgrade - and remember, it only needs to be $1 more.