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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Tell Her You Love Her with the Fall’s Most Dazzling Trend

Making the big step towards asking the girl of your dreams to marry you can be scary, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Finding the perfect engagement ring to give to her, after you’ve planned the details of this momentous event out, is the most important step of this process. You’ll want to give her an engagement ring she’ll love, want to show off, and one which reflects the love you have for her. Why not get her an engagement ring that is all of those things and in style too? At MaeVona, we have a large selection of elegant rose gold engagement rings that are not only luxurious and unique, but modern as well.

Rose gold, which is also known as pink gold, is a mixed but classic metal. Yellow gold combined with a hint of copper is what gives this stunning jewelry its pink hue. Throughout history, many different countries have used rose gold, yellow gold and silver in their engagement rings, which represented a unity between the couple getting married. However, it was only around a century ago that this beautiful metal was made popular by the famous jewelry designer, Cartier. Vintage-looking rose gold engagement rings have not only been around for a while, but are making their way back on to the fingers of many blushing brides-to-be around the world.

So is it the right ring for your girlfriend to say “yes” to? Finding her the most exquisite engagement ring is something that should take time and detailed research. One of our rose gold engagement rings at MaeVona could be the ideal pick for any woman to be surprised with when you’re on bended knee. Not only is it a classic metal, but it’s the type of ring that will never go out of style. This trend has been flying through the biggest jewelry designers around the world and is showing up on many runways throughout the fashion industry. Grabbing your fashionista bride a setting from our rose gold engagement rings guarantees a vintage, but sure to stay modern ring for years to come!

At MaeVona, we understand the pressure that comes with picking the right engagement ring. For something that’s flawless in design, elegant and unique for your bride, shop our selection of rose gold engagement rings before you pop the big question.