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Ring MVA38-MEA

Collection: Scottish Wildflowers

Stone size: approx .75ct-1.25ct

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Description: Round brilliant-cut engagement ring named after the Scottish Wildflower Meadowsweet. Two sparkly trios of diamonds clusters accent the center stone beautifully.

Accommodates: round brilliant cut

Metals: available in Platinum, 18 karat rose, yellow or white gold

the story for the design

The Story

Wild meadowsweet is a perennial herb in the Rose family that likes to grow in damp meadows. The delicate, cream-colored flowers grow in soft clusters along the main stalk of the plant and possess a heady, sweet aroma. Flourishing along riverbanks and in wild places, Meadowsweet is gathered for infusing and flavoring homemade fruits and jams, wine, beer and vinegars with a subtle almond flavor.