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Skye is the largest and most northerly island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Almost 10,000 people live on Skye, and much Scottish Gaelic is spoken.

Tourism, agriculture, whisky-distilling and fishing are the main industries, all amongst spectacular scenery.

Breathtaking mountain ranges, rich heritage, incredible wildlife, and a vibrant local culture, ensure thousands of visitors fall in love with Skye every year. Thanks to these visitors, and the connection to the mainland, island entrepreneurialism is strong; many cottage industries and businesses thrive here, maintaining indigenous craft skills, unique tourist attractions and accommodation, as well as nationally-renowned restaurants.

MaeVona founder Maeve Gillies has been visiting Skye since the age of three, when she remembers flying in on her first ever plane journey, from Edinburgh to Skye. She claims it is like "landing in a fairytale. Nowhere else on earth is like Skye; this island really has to be seen to be believed."