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Barra is the southernmost island of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Scottish Gaelic, the ancient language of Scotland, is the predominant language on the island, making Barra a destination for international language scholars, who travel from across the globe to study this important part of Scottish heritage, thriving in its native state.

Barra is a much-coveted destination for many reasons, including its incredible flora and fauna, with around 23 square miles of rolling lush hills and white sandy beaches.

The famous 1940s Scottish comedy, Whisky Galore, was filmed on Barra - based on a true story of a shipwreck off the coast of neighboring island of Eriskay, where a cargo of whisky was bravely rescued by the locals!

Every summer, Barra celebrates Scottish traditional music with its festival, BarraFest - or Feis Bharraigh in Scottish Gaelic.

Barra is also the only place in the world to have scheduled flights arrive on the beach; planes can only land and take off at low tide.