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Located off the coast of Ayrshire, Arran is considered to be ‘Scotland in miniature’, meaning that it contains all of the best attractions that the mainland has to offer. Castles, golf courses, granite mountains, lochs, ancient stone circles, beautiful country parks, gardens, and charming villages can all be found on Arran. In addition, one of the most important events in Scottish history happened in a cave on Arran, and involved Robert the Bruce and a spider. In 1306, Robert was the crowned king of Scotland, and yet he was hiding in a cave because King Edward I of England made him an outlaw and was hunting him throughout the lands after Robert had tried to throw the English out of Scotland six times. Forced to flee and hide, Robert was close to despair when he looked up and saw a small spider trying to spin its web. The poor spider fell again and again, and Robert counted six times that the spider had failed, yet it was trying again for a seventh time. He told himself that if this spider succeeds on the seventh try, that he, too, would try to defeat England for a seventh time. The spider succeeded, and with a rekindled spirit, Robert left his cave and set out to defeat England again. For the next eight years, Robert the Bruce challenged and fought England, and in 1314 finally won, driving the English out of Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn.