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I LOVE my Willow ring! Perfect for our tree top engagement. I never anticipated how happy she was going to be that the diamond was purchased through an ethical company like yours. After explaining to her the reasons I chose your company over other jewelers, she was even more elated than before. She said yes! I proposed in a state park in the pouring rain, and it went perfectly! Jane loves the ring. Thanks so much for your advice and assistance picking - Vijay

Perth Wedding Set

I just love to see our #weddingsets come together when our customers add them on their #weddingday. It gives a whole new look to the #engagementring. - Perth Wedding Set


Very gorgeous unique work. I have gotten so many compliments. I highly recommend her work. And i love having a very unique piece on my finger. Just beautiful! - Elisa


Co-founded in 2005 in New York City by Maeve Gillies, MaeVona quickly was recognized as a new force in bridal jewelry with a genuine story and authentic heritage. MaeVona offered women something truly innovative, fresh and exciting in a bridal market filled with products that focused mostly on diamond content; Maeve’s designs were all about innovation, practicality, and uniqueness, offering that elusive combination of something modern, but also classic. As the world changed in 2008 and women sought to break away from established trends - expressing their personality while carefully considering budget - MaeVona quickly became one of the hottest young bridal brands in America. Top retail stores quickly joined the MaeVona family, finding that MaeVona added a new dimension to their store as a bridal destination, offering their fashion-forward local clientele something really different and exciting. Reports came in of customers driving up to 4 or 5 hours to see MaeVona designs in person, and the brand grew from strength to strength. Since this time, MaeVona has grown from being a new young business to becoming established as an industry must-have for top stores across America and Canada, and now also in the UK, available only in the finest independent retail jewelry stores. - 1