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Diamond Education
Diamond Education
Buying a diamond is quite possibly the biggest and most meaningful purchase you will ever undertake. Taking your time and being informed about your purchase will ensure you make the right choice and ultimately make your lady the happiest she has ever been. If you are a bit apprehensive to embark on this journey of a lifetime, take a few moments to educate yourself so you are not bombarded with a plethora of ideas and design possibilities. Diamonds can be anywhere from simple to elaborate, but make no mistake, they are all dazzling in their own special way. There are four categories of how professional jewelers grade diamonds. They are quite easy to remember because they all start with the letter C: Cut, color, clarity and carat. By taking a few moments to read our educational literature on the subject matter, you will soon possess the knowledge needed to choose the ideal ring for your betrothed.
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  • Diamond Carat Weight


Diamonds are known for their unmistakable sparkle. They are often associated with engagements and special occasions, however they can be incorporated into just about any situation. Children have been raised to think diamonds are a symbol of wealth and class. This is most likely because they can be very expensive! They truly are one of nature's most prized possessions. However, without being polished and cut, this precious stone is somewhat ordinary. Diamonds are made deep within the earth under extreme temperatures and pressure, so it is only fitting that they are not very pretty upon their ascent to the earth's surface. The cut of a diamond determines exactly how much twinkle you will see.
When stone cutters first realized diamonds will sparkle more depending on the manner in which they are cut, they embarked on a journey to find the best way to showcase this stone. After years of trial and error, they settled on one design: The ideal cut. This cut consists of 58 facets and maximizes the brilliance and sparkle every diamond is capable of having. Having an established jeweler cut your diamond can mean the difference between having a great ring and having the most perfect ring anyone has ever seen!