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Wedding Rings Guide

MaeVona designs and creates at least two dedicated shaped wedding rings to fit perfectly next to nearly all of our unique engagement rings, with and without diamonds. We also offer a selection of straight wedding bands, also available with and without diamonds, with a variety of metal finishes and designs. Check out our 'Matching Items' tab on each ring page to see the ring we suggest, and browse our Wedding Ring section to see other options you might like.

Choosing a shaped band or a straight band is totally up to you. Will you be always wearing the two rings together? If so, a shaped band could offer the best comfort if your engagement ring has a unique profile. Or, if your engagement ring itself is straight or almost straight, you could choose either a shaped band or a straight band.

If you will be taking the engagement ring off frequently for work, leisure or travel etc, then you could be wearing the wedding ring alone often. Do consider how it looks and feels when worn alone. A straight band or one with a simple shape can feel most comfortable in this case as you won't mind when it turns on your finger.

It always helps to try the rings on in person at your local MaeVona retailer or at home with our 'Try On' program. Just contact us for more details: info@maevona.com / 1-888-MAEVONA